The European Press Agency is the first press agency dedicated to truly independent media professionals including journalists, reporters, influencers, television and radio hosts, podcasters and internet channels animators.

Since the turn of the century, the global press landscape has become more democratic, revolutionizing the media world and breaking away from old structures in the process. An Internet connection and your own blog are all you need to publish diligently researched journalistic articles for the general public to see. Established news publishers and journalism associations have mixed feelings about these developments but are powerless against this trend, which creates a promising source of revenue for full-time and part-time professionals with no prior journalism experience. Various media outlets are already taking advantage of this development and are benefiting from the dedication shown by so-called independent journalists.

Since no journalist is omnipresent or can predict certain events, media organizations are relying on high-quality articles and images that are created on location and guarantee journalistic diversity. More and more newspapers and magazines are therefore getting content from independent journalists in addition to their own journalistic staff, and the individual income of these contributors is nothing to sneeze at.

Every day, hundreds of stories and photographs are created by independent journalists and adapted for television, newspapers and online portals in America and other countries. High-quality photos may sell for three- or even four-figure amounts, e.g. if publishing houses are buying them exclusively from independent journalists. Established journalists may brush off this new form of journalistic work as inferior, but it doubtlessly creates a new niche in the world of modern media and helps motivated and conscientious journalists earn a living.