Are you a newspaper publisher or working for a radio or TV station and would like to receive comprehensive, well-founded information about breaking news? Then you have come to the right place here on our website, where we would like to introduce you to our versatile press service for all areas of the modern media world.

Hundreds of daily newspapers, as well as radio and TV stations all around the world, are already taking advantage of our press service, which EUPA has offered for many years and which supplies you with current news and media material around the clock. In addition to classic print news for newspapers and magazines, our service includes other multimedia elements and allows you to access photos, videos and supplementary media content.

EUPA provides dozens of channels that allow you to access news from all sectors in real time and around the clock, which you may then adapt for your own media outlet. A lot of editorial offices all around the world, as well as hundreds of radio and TV stations, are already taking advantage of our comprehensive and professional service. Thanks to the wire services developed by EUPA, you may enjoy effortless news, photo and video transfer to your editorial offices. The only thing you need to simplify your daily media work is an Internet connection.