Earning Money with EUPA Store

EUPA makes it easy for media professionals and freelance journalists to publish their work, such as photos, news, investigative reports, stories, features, interviews, trade fair and event information, etc. Start building your online portfolio and earn money along the way!

Invaluable tool

EUPA offers a platform – EUPA.STORE – that allows you to create an online portfolio of your work. You are the account owner, which means you always have direct access to your content. Publish news reports, photos and videos without delay and make them available for download. A time stamp will be added as proof of publication.

If you love to write, are interested in exciting topics and would like to grow your readership, our news portals provide you with a simple way to supplement your income. But that´s not all. EUPA.STORE can help you increase your online name recognition. We also offer special benefits for (press) photographers.

The primary focus of EUPA.STORE is special interest topics and web specials. This includes news from the areas of sports, music, politics, fine arts, general interest, etc.

Use our news portals to find clients

EUPA.STORE systematically connects journalists with readers, editors and business leaders. All of this is done without owing loyalty to any trade organizations or third parties, thus ensuring unbiased, independent and objective journalistic coverage.

How much can I earn?

That depends on many factors, especially the number of articles or photos you submit. The more you publish, the higher your potential revenue will be. You will earn money from ads that are inserted within your articles. Everything you need to know about income opportunities for contributors can be found here: Earning money with EUPA STORE

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We provide you with everything you need: Take advantage of our convenient content management system (CMS), which allows you to publish written articles and photographs that will then automatically be added to your portfolio. Our CMS is user friendly and requires no special computer skills. Content you may publish on EUPA.STORE includes business, fine arts, finance, lifestyle, animals, science, health, environment, tourism, partnerships, entertainment, general interest, house and home, politics, hobbies, and much more.

Are you ready to start building your portfolio and earning some money on the side? Why wait - apply today!