Membership fees at a glance

A EUPA membership offers you our VIP Press Kit for free, an account on our commercialization platform without additional charges and grant you access to all our services, including legal help if your rights are threatened or denied and assistance if you are prevented from accomplishing your work or researches on the field.

Membership - professional of the media industry
Costs in EUR
one-time flat fee
108,00 EUR
Annual service fee prorated for the year of registration
48,00 EUR - prorated
Annual service fee from the second calendar year (following year)
48,00 EUR
VIP Press Kit including Press Pass, Press ID Card, Letter of Accrediation and Press Vehicle ID
already included in the membership fee
0,00 EUR
Account on our commercialization platform
already included in the membership fee
0,00 EUR
EUPA legal advisory and assistance
already included in the membership fee
0,00 EUR


A Press Kit is only valid for one calendar year, which is why our annual fee always applies for the current year. Therefore, your membership fee is prorated. No matter when you sign up, you only pay for the remaining months of that year. Example:
  • Sign up in February : only 44,00 EUR (instead of 48,00 EUR)
  • Sign up in May : only 32,00 EUR (instead of 48,00 EUR)
  • Sign up in September : only 16,00 EUR (instead of 48,00 EUR)


  • This fee is always charged in full, independent of the registration month, and not refundable.
  • It includes a study of your work and grants you access to all our benefits and services.
  • It helps us cover a part of our agency costs, like, for instance, the charges of your Press Kit conception and shipment.
  • If you have any doubt about your ability to become one of our estimated members and are afraid of your registration not being accepted, please don’t hesitate to contact us before filling our application form.


  • Your Press Kit elements are renewed every year, as these credentials are only valid for the current calendar year.
  • The renewal fee costs 48,00 EUR per year and will automatically be charged on the credit card you used to subscribe (see our Terms and Conditions).
  • In the highly unlikely event you would decide to give up your EUPA membership, you can unsubscribe up to 24 hours before its automatic renewal by contacting us.