EUPA Press ID Card

Anyone who represents the press (whether full or part time) has the right to a press card. As a member of EUPA, you will automatically be issued a Press ID Card. The card is the size of a credit card and can be carried with you at all times. It also includes the name of your primary journalistic beat.

In combination with our Press Pass and Press Vehicle ID, the EUPA Press ID Card is an indicator of competence that certifies the reliability and professionalism of its owner. It might be the most important document for your work as a professional of the media environment. Your Press ID Card allows you to identify yourself as a legitimate member of a press organization at various events and helps assert your right to information. The Press ID Card documents your occupation as a journalist, eliminating any need for independent verification of your identity or the extent of your journalistic practice. Both for you and event organizers, a Press ID Card provides readily available, worry-free proof of your activity. Although holding a Press Card does not give you the right to be admitted to events for free, most organizations assume that this card means you have a journalistic background without asking any questions.

Press ID Card (Reporter Card) front side:

Editorial ID Card (reverse):