EUPA Press Pass

Press passes are ordinarily reserved for large editorial offices and publishing houses. Thanks to their EUPA membership, new media stakeholders such as bloggers, instagrammers, correspondents, web channel animators and many other kind of professional quality content makers may now enjoy the benefits of owning a press pass! Unlike many other organizations and agencies, the EUPA doesn’t differentiate between part and full time workers.

The EUPA Press Pass is included in your membership and issued to all our recognized members. Since professional journalistic work cannot be measured by income or status of its author, the EUPA ensures that freelancers also become a Press Pass as members of an international media agency.

A EUPA Press Pass facilitates numerous research activities. It is renewed yearly and valid worldwide. Thanks to the agency’s hard work, the EUPA Press Pass enjoys a high level of acceptance in most countries.

Press Pass (front side):

Press Pass (reverse):