Why Join EUPA?

Hundreds of events take place every day. With every decade, people absorb many times more and more information. Thanks to modern technologies, we can instantly find out what happened thousands of kilometers away from us online. No event will go unnoticed if someone with a mobile phone is near it. Major media players collect news from agencies and extract information from additional sources, among which independent journalists and professional content makers like bloggers, webchannels hosts, YouTubers, Instagrammers, photographs, reporters, correspondents and many others.

As an independent informant, you will sometimes be in the forefront of the most significant events of our time and have the opportunity to see with your own eyes how things take place. Guess what? If you do not work for a press agency and/or can’t prove you definitely work as a journalist or reporter, you may be prevented from doing your researches properly, accessing certain areas and, more disturbing, your rights may be threatened or denied.

The European Press Agency (EUPA) was created to help you make your job hassle-free and much more efficiently. It is one of the largest independent media agencies in the world with an international network, active in all areas. It has been established for freelance or part-time media workers, like influencers, who were seeking for benefits that full-time journalists of mainstream medias already have.

With the advent of the Internet and social media, more and more people have started covering news on a wide variety of topics, from travel to politics. It is no secret that today, the social networks and blogs of many influencers have a higher reading rating than famous national TV channels or daily newspapers. This may be the result of the fatigue of the modern generation from traditional media, which from year to year gives news in the same manner, covering them in the form in which it is convenient for media itself. Fame and reputation can give these professional-quality content makers certain benefits. But, in many cases, it does not allow them to make a living and do not provide them the advantages a Press ID Card and/or Press Pass can offer.

All our members are issued a VIP Press Kit including recognized official EUPA documents, which open many doors for content makers. Accreditation and international Press ID Card and Press Pass offered by the EUPA are golden tickets for freelance media players to the forefront of the most noteworthy events of our time. The EUPA also provides its members a content commercialization platform created to help them develop, spread and sell their materials. It also documents their journalistic work and serves as proof of experience.

One of the main advantages of our agency is that we do not limit our members in their field of activity. If in-house correspondents are required to follow the corporate style of the media and cover events in a certain manner, then the EUPA members are absolutely free to work their own way! If your dream was to be mentioned in the New York Times, you don’t have to give up everything and go to USA. You just need be passionate about your work and join our international media agency!

Written by Anna Budnikova in March 2021


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