Police & Authorities Protection

It’s expected from governments, authorities and the Police to protect and defend press correspondents and media people all around the world. As long as you are not recognized as an official journalist, it may be difficult for you to make your rights respected, and accomplishing your tasks may become challenging.

Thanks to your EUPA membership, you will be able to prove your accreditation as a media industry professional and your registration as a member of an international agency.

This may help you in various situations, such as getting assistance if you attend to a disrupted event and being physically protected if your integrity, or even your life, are threatened.

The daily routine of journalists, reporters and correspondents often includes activities which may lead to security issues. Investigation tasks, for instance, can become dangerous depending on what you find out.

When their rights and freedom are protected by an international agency, professionals of the media industry are offered to rest on a reliable partner and can efficiently focus on their work.


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