Content Commercialisation

The media profession strongly expanded beyond journalist and reporter, by the arrival of bloggers, influencers and internet channel hosts.

Yet these professionals were supposed to work for free, sharing their content without earning money, until they could become interesting enough for a brand to sponsor them. While a journalist would get paid even a small amount for any article, image, report or movie s/he made.

As a member of the EUPA, you may open an account on our content commercialization platform www.eupastore without any additional costs. It allows you to post and sell worldwide the content you produced, but also to get paid for participating and/or asking questions at many kind of different meetings (events, sport competitions, concerts, political sessions, press conferences, etc.). Here is a brief summary of how it works, but please don’t hesitate to access the platform website directly and our edition topic in order to obtain all the information and open your account.


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